About minne.london

London is a huge city with royal things, quirky things, luxurious things and everyday things.

We’ve been living in London for more than ten years now and been around in lots of places, been on public transport thousands of times and visited museums and events. Yet, there are still whole areas that we haven’t even visited.

We wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned during these years and give practical tips to people visiting the city and decided to build minne.london. minne is Finnish for where to.

The site contains information about many well-known places that are probably on everyone’s list when they visit London like Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Big Ben. In addition to these places, we also want to include places and attractions that are not so obvious, but we feel they should be presented.

We do this by providing practical information and sometimes a bit of history. Original photography, which shows the locations in a good light, plays a big part on the site as a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. There are a lot of beautiful things to see in the city, small streets in Soho, street art in Shoreditch, well-maintained parks and interesting buildings in many areas of central London. Some of the buildings are old, and some of them are brand new, and sometimes it seems that every building in a block is different.

We are going to add new locations, tips, articles and photos regularly, so be sure to stay updated by following us on the site and social media.