10 things to do in London January 2024

Published: 31 Dec 2023
London is preparing for the new year, and many events are available in January. It's the last chance to visit some of the events on the list, so make sure to check the dates.

A Snowman Trail

Snowman Trail
Snowman Trail Image. Credit: Fleet Street Quarter

There are still a few days left to explore the Snowman trail and the festive charm of Fleet Street Quarter this season as twelve beautifully decorated recreations of The Snowman, inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas, adorn the area. Designed by various artists, these sculptures will be scattered along Chancery Lane, Carter Lane, Ludgate Hill, and Fleet Street. Until 5 January

The January sales

The January sales in London are annual retail events that offer significant discounts and promotions. Popular shopping areas like Oxford Street and Regent Street see increased foot traffic as shoppers take advantage of reduced prices on a wide range of products. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy savings. Be aware that the shops can get crowded.

Hansel and Gretel

Experience a family opera sung in English with Antony McDonald’s production of Humperdinck’s fairytale at the Globe Theatre. Hansel and Gretel, two siblings, venture into the forest while avoiding their chores. Their mother sends them on a mission to find strawberries, unaware of the witch lurking in the woods. The children get lost and fall into the witch’s trap. However, with Gretel’s wit, they outsmart the witch and escape. The spell is broken, and all the captured children are freed, leading to a joyful reunion between Hansel, Gretel, and their parents. Until 7 January

Candlelight: A Tribute to Adele

Candlelight: A Tribute to Adele is held at St. Mary's Church in Marylebone
Candlelight: A Tribute to Adele is held at St. Mary's Church in Marylebone

Discover the enchantment of live, multi-sensory musical performances in iconic London settings through Candlelight concerts. Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of Adele at St. Mary’s Church in Marylebone , bathed in the soft radiance of candlelight. You might recognise the church as it was featured in the movie Last Christmas. 11 January

Titanosaur Exhibition at the Natural History Museum

There’s still a chance to catch the titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum at the Natural History Museum . It’s on display for the first time at the museum and is the largest creature that has been on display there. You’ll get to follow the life of the titanosaur from an egg to a fully grown adult and compare yourself to the size of a thigh bone of this creature. Until 14 January

London Short Film Festival

The London Short Film Festival is a vibrant event spanning ten days, showcasing diverse short films. The festival encompasses live events, Q&A sessions, and multidisciplinary curation. Attendees can anticipate a curated selection of 250-500 British and international films meticulously chosen from a pool of over 5000 submissions. Various Locations 19 – 28 January

Disney100 – The Exhibition

Embark on a journey through the magical realm of Disney at Disney100: The Exhibition in London, curated by The Walt Disney Archives at ExCeL London. This exceptional event unveils a century of Disney enchantment, featuring a treasure trove of historical artefacts, original artworks, costumes, props, and memorabilia. Spread across 20,000 square feet, this immersive experience invites families and children to partake in interactive fun. Until 21 January

Burns Night

Burns Night is a special occasion honouring Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. The event has traditional Scottish festivities, including a Burns Supper featuring haggis, neeps, and tatties. Participants recite Burns’ poetry, make toasts, and sing Scottish songs. The celebration brings people together to celebrate Scotland’s literary heritage and enjoy the camaraderie and appreciation of Scottish traditions. 25 January

Ultimate Foodie Cookery Masterclass at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School for One

Experience a delightful solo cooking class at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School in London. Select from nine masterclasses featuring topics such as Ultimate Knife Skills, Quick & Easy 5 Ingredients, and Classic Italian Cookery. Expert chefs will skillfully guide you through each class, assisting you in mastering your chosen culinary expertise. Conclude the experience by savouring a delicious meal with other cooking participants. Highbury - North London

The Art of Banksy

Explore the world’s most extensive collection of original Banksy artworks at The Art of Banksy exhibition on Regent Street . Featuring over 110 pieces, including prints, canvases, and hand-drawn sketches, many of which have never been publicly displayed before, this showcase provides a unique glimpse into the career of Banksy, an artist known for both renown and mystery. Extended to 15 April