Churchill War Rooms Updated: 5 months ago

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The secret headquarters, from where Winston Churchill lead the British troops in the Second World War, is now a museum.

The cabinet was used from 1938 until the end of World War II, so 1945. Nowadays it is used as a museum, where there are many different exhibits related to Churchill’s life on a 15m board, which tells about the different phases in Churchill’s life and the events in the world at the time. You can get some idea about what it was like working underground in a maze-like environment.

The Cabinet War Rooms from World War II with its maps are also captivating, as is the secret phone room disguised as a toilet inside a storeroom. The room was where he communicated with the president of the United States of America.

Getting there

The nearest underground stations are St James's Park and Westminster.


The Churchill War Rooms are located at the edge of St James's Park, on the opposite end compared to the Buckingham Palace. There is roughly a 10-minute walk between these destinations. Horse Guards Parade is right next to the museum and Downing Street 10 is a few minutes away.

Nearest Stations

St James's Park - 6 min

District Circle London Underground Zone: 1

Westminster - 6 min

District Circle Jubilee London Underground Zone: 1

Charing Cross - 8 min

Bakerloo Northern London Underground Zone: 1

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