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Green Park is one of the eight Royal parks and covers approximately 40 acres between Buckingham Palace to the south, Piccadilly to the north, and the ceremonial avenue of The Mall to the southeast.


King Charles II created the park in 1660 so that he could go between Hyde Park and St. James’s Park without leaving royal soil, and now it serves as a link between Buckingham Palace and the parks.

The Park

The park is located right next to Buckingham Palace, and while it isn’t typically a destination in and of itself, the journey from Central London to Buckingham Palace will lead you through the park. Many walk through the park from the nearby Green Park tube stations towards Buckingham Palace. On sunny days, you may find many people enjoying the outdoors and having picnics.

Undulating meadows, grassland, and mature trees characterise the park, predominantly London Plane. The name Green Park seems apt because, unlike the neighbouring parks, it has no formal flowerbeds, lakes, or playgrounds.

This natural simplicity enhances its appeal and makes it a favoured destination for leisurely walks, outdoor picnics, or moments of quiet reflection amidst the city’s frenzy. During the summer, you can often find lines of traditional deck chairs for hire, where visitors can relax and enjoy the sunshine. The deck chairs are available to rent between March and October if the weather allows it. The chairs are £3.00 for the first hour and £11 for the whole day.

The park also has kiosks offering coffee, tea and sandwiches to enjoy while relaxing there.


Its central location means that Green Park is within walking distance of several major attractions, including Buckingham Palace, the Royal Academy of Arts, and the luxury shops of Piccadilly.

Getting there

Green Park has its own underground station, which can be accessed via the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.


Buckingham Palace is right next to Green Park, so you should definitely visit it while you're here. On the other side of the park is Piccadilly (street), where you can easily get to West End.

Nearest Stations

Green Park - 5 min

Piccadilly Victoria Jubilee London Underground Zone: 1

Hyde Park Corner - 9 min

Piccadilly London Underground Zone: 1

Victoria - 13 min

District Circle Victoria London Underground Zone: 1

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