The Ferris wheel London Eye is located in Southbank on the southern side of the Thames. It is one of London's most popular points of interest, both from the top at 135m for the view and the surrounding area.

London Eye was opened on New Year’s Eve 1999. It is made of 32 pods, one for each borough of London. One pod can hold up to 25 people, and you can either sit or stand. The seats are in the middle of the pods, so you can get the best view when standing unless there are few people in the pod. One rotation takes roughly half an hour.

Tickets are recommended to be booked online. By booking a Fast Track ticket, you can pass the queue at a specific time, which can be selected for 15-minute slots. Flex Fast Track tickets allow you to pass the queue at whatever time of the day on the chosen day.

Getting there

The nearest underground stations are Waterloo on the Southern side of the river, where the London Eye is, and Westminster on the opposing side of the Thames, which is a popular place to photograph the London Eye. There is also a Thames Clipper dock right next to the London Eye.


Next to the London Eye are Sea Life and the London Dungeon. Slightly further away is the Southbank Centre cultural centre, where you can enjoy the day walking along the riverside. You can typically find many events in Southbank throughout the year.