This 325m long steel footbridge is a popular place even just for its location. It is the bridge crossing the Thames River between Tate Modern and St Paul's Cathedral, and along with its location, its construction is unique compared to most bridges.

The bridge offers excellent views of both St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern, as well as of the Thames river in both directions. The best pictures from the bridge can be taken on sunny days or after dark when the buildings along the river and around the city are lit up.

The bridge has been featured in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter (Half-Blood Prince).

Getting there

The nearest underground stations are Mansion House on the Northern side of the river (10 minutes away) and London Bridge on the Southern side of the river (15 minutes away). Another good option is the Thames Clipper, which has a stop right outside the Globe theatre and is only a few minutes walk away from the bridge.


On the Southern side of the bridge is the Tate Modern, which is also right next to Shakespeare's Globe theatre. On the other side of the bridge is St Paul's Cathedral.