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Millennium Bridge is a 325 m long steel suspension bridge crossing the Thames between St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern . It was initially opened to the public in 2000.

The name of the bridge comes from when the bridge was opened, i.e. during the millennium year. After the opening, pedestrians crossing the bridge felt it swaying unexpectedly, earning it the nickname “Wobbly Bridge”, and the bridge was closed for two years to modify it to be more stable. Today, the bridge is a popular route as one of London’s landmarks and provides an excellent view towards both ends and the City of London .

Architectural Marvel

The bridge design is a collaboration between Sir Norman Foster, Sir Anthony Caro, and the Arup Group. Due to height restrictions and the bridge’s ability to provide uninterrupted views of London, the bridge needed a minimalist design. The suspension cables had to be located below the deck level to accomplish this.

Cultural Significance and Appearances

The bridge has appeared in movies such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Guardians of the Galaxy. It is a popular place for photographers due to the design of the bridge and the views it provides.

How to Visit and Experience

The bridge can be visited at any time of the day. It can get crowded during the holiday season when the weather is nice.

When taking pictures of the bridge and the views, an essential factor to consider is the time of day to take them and plan the visit accordingly. There is a gorgeous view towards St. Paul’s Cathedral when it’s dark, and sunrise and sunset are great times for taking photos.

As mentioned, St. Paul’s Cathedral is on one end of the bridge, and Tate Modern is on the other. Next to Tate Modern , you’ll also find Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The area has many restaurants and pubs for a nice lunch or dinner.

How to get to Millennium Bridge?

The nearest underground stations are Mansion House on the Northern side of the river (10 minutes away) and London Bridge on the Southern side of the river (15 minutes away). Another good option is the Thames Clipper, which has a stop right outside the Globe theatre and is only a few minutes walk away from the bridge.

What is near Millennium Bridge?

On the Southern side of the bridge is the Tate Modern , which is also right next to Shakespeare's Globe theatre. On the other side of the bridge is St Paul's Cathedral .

Nearest Stations

Blackfriars - 4 min

District Circle London Underground Zone: 1

Mansion House - 7 min

District Circle London Underground Zone: 1

St Paul's - 8 min

Central London Underground Zone: 1

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