10 Things to do in London February 2023

Published: 12 Feb 2023
This article lists 10 ideas on what to do in London in February 2023.
Yayoi Kusama sculpture outside of Harrods
Yayoi Kusama sculpture outside of Harrods

Yayoi Kusama’s Interactive Art

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s captivating interactive art, combining dots and mirrors, is now accessible outside of a traditional gallery setting until Sunday, 13 February. Transforming Kusama’s iconic dot and mirror art into an interactive playground, the store has been recast as a high street experience outside Harrods. Until 13 February

Valentine’s Day in London

Valentine’s Day in London is a magical experience. There are many romantic things to do, from taking a boat ride down the River Thames to visiting one of London’s iconic landmarks. You can also stroll through the beautiful parks of London or take a romantic walk around some of the famous streets and squares. For a special night out, there is always something special happening in one of the city’s many restaurants or pubs. You can even surprise your significant other with tickets to one of London’s top shows at the West End Theatre. Whatever your idea for romance, you’re sure to find something perfect for Valentine’s Day in London! On 14 February

London Fashion Week 2023

If you want to witness the glamour of the London Fashion Show, you’ll either need a designer’s press team invitation or apply for a ticket on your own. To apply, navigate to the official website [https://londonfashionweek.co.uk/] and select which fashion show you desire — all that’s left is writing an appealing letter with convincing details as to why you should attend. 17–21 February

Pancake Day in London

Pancakes on the Pancake Day
Pancakes on the Pancake Day

Mark your calendars: Pancake Day will be celebrated on 21 February 2023. This special day occurs 47 days before Easter Sunday every year, which means that the celebration date can fluctuate from early February to mid-March, depending on when Easter falls in a given calendar year.

The renowned celebration of Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday as it is alternatively known, garners a special place in the hearts of many countries around the globe, particularly so in English-speaking nations. On 21 February

Dalí: Cybernetics - The Immersive Experience

Experience the imaginative world of Spanish master Salvador Dalí like never before with London’s first collective metaverse exhibition, Dalí: Cybernetics - The Immersive Experience. Immerse yourself in a surrealist wonderland and explore his works through digital displays, sound effects, projection mapping and more. Until 25 February

Dopamine Land, a Multisensory Experience

Dopamine Land is an interactive museum with many colourful things to see and do. It has installations that use media, technology, and play. It is a place to have fun, take photos, and boost your happy emotions! Until 26 February

Kew Orchid Festival

This year, Kew Orchid Festival is inspired by and highlights the biodiversity of Cameroon. The event showcases horticultural displays and living sculptures carved from orchids and other plants. The sculptures include giraffes and gorillas, as well as lions and hippos. It’s all very safe, though. The event takes place in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and comprises ten different climatic zones to showcase diverse ecosystems under one roof. Until 5 March

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Make sure to experience the awe-inspiring, all-encompassing installation honouring Vincent Van Gogh. With dozens of projectors and virtual reality headsets, this exhibit will completely immerse you in his works—a rare opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! Step into a breathtaking 360-degree world of colour and movement as you explore the Dutchman’s masterpieces like never before. Until 16 April

Beyond the Streets

Beyond the Streets, a grand new exhibition supported by Adidas Originals, is debuting this February and will showcase over 100 international artists. This event at London’s Saatchi Gallery promises to be the most expansive graffiti and street art display in all of England - spanning three floors! So don’t miss out on your chance to take part in Beyond the Streets – it’s sure to leave you inspired. Until 9 May

Hallyu! The Korean Wave

Gangnam Style at Victoria &Albert Museum
Gangnam Style at Victoria &Albert Museum

The V&A is showcasing a massive cultural phenomenon with the opening of ‘Hallyu! The Korean Wave’ - the UK’s first exhibition dedicated to Korea’s modern art, music, fashion and beauty. This event will surely draw fervent K-pop fans from all over who are eager for an up close and personal experience with South Korean culture! Until 25 June 2023