The Camden Market area has over 1000 shops, where you can find all sorts of unique products. The markets also have many types of food from around the world.

Camden Market is made of multiple different markets, which are within the Camden Town area:

  • Camden Lock Market
  • Camden Stables Market
  • Camden Lock Village
  • Inverness Street Market

The market was started in the 1970s when the area had 16 shops, which has now grown to over 1000. The area gets 250,000 visitors weekly and the weekends are especially busy. Along with shops, the area has music across the spectrum. Camden Market’s Music Monthly is a monthly list of gigs, which can be found on the Camden Markets website.

Getting there

Camden is located north of central London, and the best way to get there is via Northern Line and getting off at the Camden Town station.


Camden Market is located in Camden Town so that you can visit both at the same time. London Zoo and Regent's Park are very near, and both can easily be reached by walking or taking a waterbus along the canal.