The Old Royal Naval College is known for various movies it has been featured in (e.g. Thor: The Dark World), and is the main sea-themed museum in Greenwich.

The college was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, one of England’s most famous architects, who also designed St Paul’s Cathedral. Nowadays the building is partly used as a museum, where you can walk around and get to know the building, and see the Painted Hall, typically considered the English version of the Sistine Chapel.

Old Royal Naval College is at the centre of Greenwich’s ocean-related museums. The buildings in the surrounding area next to the Thames is charming and worthwhile to check out. The college is also known for different movies it has been in (for example Thor: The Dark World).

Getting there

Old Royal Naval College is in Greenwich, so there is no underground station nearby. The easiest way to get here is the Thames Clipper, the DLR, with a station at Cutty Sark, or a train to the Greenwich station, which is roughly 10 minutes walking distance away.


In the Greenwich area, you can find numerous places of interest, which you should check out while visiting the college. The Cutty Sark clipper ship is next to the college, and Greenwich Park and Observatory are within walking distance.