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Many musical events are held in Royal Albert Hall every week. These events can span anywhere from classical to rock. Some examples of non-classical concerts are Adele and Muse, whose concerts at Royal Albert Hall are incredible experiences.

The Proms is a famous classical music event every summer held for eight weeks, the first of which was held in 1895. The event has had numerous musicians and conductors from around the world. Seventy of the Proms’ over 300 shows are held in the Royal Albert Hall.

One particular type of event is movie premiers, where the movie is shown on a screen while an orchestra plays the movie’s music. Attending a movie premiere at Royal Abert Hall is a perfect way to spend a special movie night.

Getting there

South Kensington and High Street Kensington stations are a good 10-minute walking distance away. On the way here you can also see the Kensington museums.


Kensington Gardens are on the opposite side of the street compared to Royal Albert Hall . The South Kensington museum area, where both the Natural History Museum and Science Museum are, is about 5-10 minutes away by foot.

Nearest Stations

Gloucester Road - 12 min

District Piccadilly Circle London Underground Zone: 1

South Kensington - 13 min

District Piccadilly Circle London Underground Zone: 1

High Street Kensington - 13 min

District Circle London Underground Zone: 1

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