10 things to do in London February 2024

Published: 01 Feb 2024
The event calendar looks full again this month, and many big events are taking place in London this February.
Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station Light Festival is one of the events this month

Orchids Festival

Kew Gardens is a popular place to visit around the year and is renowned for its stunning botanical collections and floral displays. There are also events and festivals throughout the year, and this February is the time for the Orchids Festival in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. During the festival, you can expect to see various orchids showcased in creative and artistic arrangements. The event includes themed displays to give visitors insights into the fascinating world of orchids. 3 February – 3 March

National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the beloved pizza. It takes place on February 9th each year. During this day, pizza enthusiasts and pizzerias often engage in promotions, discounts, and special events to honour and enjoy this popular and versatile food. 9 February

National Pizza Day is celebrated this month

Chinese New Year

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in 2024 by participating in London’s vibrant Chinese New Year festivities, featuring an annual parade, captivating live performances, and a lively festival atmosphere in Chinatown London. The event includes traditional lion and dragon dances, marching bands, and diverse live performances showcasing martial arts, dance, and music. 11 February

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day promises to be a spectacular event with many romantic activities and experiences on offer. From enchanting river cruises along the Thames under the starry night sky to intimate candlelit dinners in some of the city’s top gastronomical establishments, there’s a wealth of options for couples to indulge in. Many restaurants in London offer special Valentine’s Day menus or packages. It’s advisable to make reservations in advance, as popular places tend to fill up quickly. 14 February

Battersea Power Station’s Light Festival

Battersea Power Station is an iconic location next to the Thames in Battersea, and it will be even more spectacular during the Light Festival. The Light Festival features stunning installations by British and international artists. You can experience interactive elements, soundscapes, and mesmerising visuals and enjoy family-friendly workshops, live entertainment, and music, including performances on the ‘Light Piano 1.5’. In addition to the festival, the Power Station contains over 140 shops, eateries, and entertainment options to make it a day to remember at Battersea Power Station. Until 25 February

Six Nations rugby tournament

The Six Nations rugby tournament is an annual international competition featuring six teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, and Italy. It is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated rugby events, showcasing thrilling matches and intense rivalries between the nations. Fans from around the world eagerly await the tournament, as it brings together the best rugby talent and provides a platform for epic battles on the field. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere in a pub with others celebrating their team’s success. Starts on 2 February

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is one of the major events in the fashion industry, showcasing the latest trends and collections from both established and emerging designers. It typically occurs twice a year, in February/March and September/October, showcasing the upcoming season’s fashion trends. During London Fashion Week, designers present their collections through runway shows, presentations, and special events. 16 – 20 February

Imagine Children’s Festival

Southbank Centre organises the Imagine Children’s Festival, which spans over 11 days and features a diverse array of entertainment, including theatre, comedy, music, literature, poetry, dance, and family-oriented activities. Geared towards children aged 0-11, the festival aims to nurture creativity, celebrate individuality, and ignite imaginations. Approximately half of the events are free, ensuring accessibility for everyone. Free activities are available each day of the festival, except for the concluding day. 7 – 17 February

Women in Revolt!

The Women in Revolt! exhibition in Tate Modern features the work of over 100 female artists in the UK, showcasing their innovative ideas and unique approaches that played a significant role in shaping British culture. Their art served as a catalyst for the women’s liberation movement, addressing critical issues such as reproductive rights, equal pay, and racial equality. Until 7 Apr

Japan: Myths to Manga at the V&A

Victoria & Albert Museum
Japan: Myths to Manga exhibition is held at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum has an exhibition named Japan: Myths to Manga. In the exhibition, you can embark on a compelling and immersive exploration of Japan, delving into the fascinating connections between its awe-inspiring landscapes and captivating folklore and their significant impact on Japanese art, technology, and design. Until 8 September