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Leicester Square, located next to Piccadilly Circus in West End, is the centre of theatre and musicals.

Leicester Square has a wide variety of entertainment, such as cinemas and restaurants. Movie premiers are usually at Leicester Square, and they often have the actors/actresses of the movies at special red carpet events. The actors participating in the event are typically announced a few weeks before the premier. As an example, the premiere of the movie Glass had Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy as well as director M. Night Shyamalan attending.

The square has many theatre ticket sales points, where you can buy tickets for a show for the same day, the following day or the day after, for discounted prices.

Leicester Square also has stores for children, like the M&M’s World and The Lego Store.

Getting there

Leicester Square has its underground station, and the Piccadilly Circus station is about 100m away. The Charing Cross station, which you can get to via train, is roughly 10 minutes walking distance away.


Leicester Square is about 100m away from Piccadilly Circus, so you should consider visiting both. Covent Garden is about 10 minutes away by foot, and the route has many other points of interest you should visit. Chinatown is also right next to Leicester Square.

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