Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a charming area in West End with a fruit market building from the 1830s in its centre. The building has restaurants and shops nowadays, as well as other sales stands during the weekends.

The shops, restaurants and shows in the square attract a lot of visitors. Numerous fashion shops are located at or near Covent Garden. The area also has many ‘official’ street artists, like magicians and musicians.

On the lower floor of the market building, you will often find fast-paced violin playing. At the edge of the square, you can also find the London Transport Museum, Royal Opera House and the London Film Museum.

Getting there

Covent Garden has its underground station, which is the fastest way to get to the square. The area is part of West End, so walking is also a good option if you want to visit Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square. The nearest train station is Charing Cross, roughly 10 minutes away by foot.


Covent Garden is located in a central square in the West End, and you can find numerous places of interest, like many theatres. The London Transport Museum is next to Covent Garden, and the London Film Museum is on the next street. Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown are only a 10-minute walk away.