Chinese New Year

Published: 24 Jan 2020 Updated: 03 Oct 2020
The biggest celebration in China is the Chinese New Year. London’s Chinese New Year celebrations are the largest outside of Asia, meaning there are numerous interesting and fun activities you can do and see during the day including displays, traditional Chinese food stalls, performances and a parade.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in London

Chinese New Year

The parade began north of Trafalgar Square, on Charing Cross Road. It continued through Shaftesbury Avenue and ended in Chinatown.

For the Year of the Rat (2020), the Chinese New Year parade was held on the 26th of January. Due to the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year dates change every year, unlike New Year in the Gregorian calendar. Even after the main festivities are over, you will find a decorated Chinatown!

Due to its large number of offspring, the Year of the Rat represents fertility. Some believed the rat to symbolise intelligence, while its historical connotation was a sign of wealth and excess in Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year has performances and activities suited for all ages, but those looking for entertainment for children specifically should visit Leicester Square. The area hosts a wide variety of activities, such calligraphy and arts and crafts.

While there, make sure to try out Chinese cuisine, with wide variety of dishes and flavours suited for everyone!