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Oxford Street is a world-famous shopping street in London, proudly situated in the prestigious City of Westminster . As one of Europe's busiest shopping avenues, it's often dubbed the 'shopping heart' of London.


Oxford Street existed during the Roman times as a part of Via Trinobantina, a road between Essex and Hampshire. In the late 18th century, the road underwent significant transformations. Around this time, it began to be known as Oxford Road or Oxford Street, named after Oxfordshire, which was the destination this road led to.


Spanning an impressive 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometres), it connects Marble Arch in the west to Tottenham Court Road in the east. Effortlessly accessible, Oxford Street is serviced by major London Underground stations: Marble Arch, Bond Street , Oxford Circus, and Tottenham Court Road. The plethora of bus routes further simplifies the commute, making the shopping hub a favourite for Londoners and international tourists.


Home to over 300 diverse retailers, Oxford Street offers an unparalleled shopping experience. Every shopper finds their haven here, from iconic high-street brands and flagship stores to niche boutiques. Prestigious establishments like Selfridges , John Lewis, and Marks & Spencer anchor the street, offering international and local brands.

Around Oxford Street

Oxford Street’s central location offers excellent connectivity to renowned areas such as Regent Street , Soho , Mayfair , and Marylebone . Visitors can also explore nearby attractions such as the British Museum , just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road station. Adjacent to Oxford Street, to the south, lies the vibrant district of Soho . At the same time, the iconic Regent Street intersects with Oxford Circus, making it a strategic starting point for any London expedition.

Christmas Lights

A key highlight is the annual Christmas lights display. As the festive season approaches, Oxford Street is one of the main streets decorated with Christmas Lights every year. Together with the adjacent Regent’s Street, they form an essential part of the Christmas Light tradition in London. The switch-on usually happens in early November and is a calendar staple.

Whether it’s shopping, dining, or cultural exploration, Oxford Street stands as a gateway to the best that London has to offer.

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Oxford Street has three underground stations in its area, starting from the west: Bond Street , Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. The distance between Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road is about a kilometre, so anyone of them is a good place to start your visit.


The British Museum is about 5 minutes away from Tottenham Court Road underground station. Soho is to the South of Oxford Street, and Regent Street intersects with Oxford Street at Oxford Circus.

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Bond Street - 4 min

Central Jubilee Elizabeth Line London Underground Zone: 1

Oxford Circus - 5 min

Central Bakerloo Victoria London Underground Zone: 1

Marble Arch - 11 min

Central London Underground Zone: 1

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